A Band Of Ghosts is a collaboration between Singer/Songwriter/Vocalist, Andrea Thorne and Producer/Composer/Noise Maker, David Surratt. The originality of A Band of Ghosts tests the boundaries of electronic and alternative rock yet stays true to the emotion expressed through music and songwriting. Hard-driving rhythms are complimented by angelic, soulful vocals and contagious melodies. A Band Of Ghosts has a distinctive sound that promises to challenge the sound of modern music and expectations of listeners of any genre.

A Band of Ghosts was formed as a studio project in Winston-Salem, NC. David Surratt experimented with breaking the rules of recording, arrangement, song structure and musical expectations since picking up a guitar for the first time at the age of 11. As David progressed in the entertainment industry as a recording and live sound engineer, there was a desire to be able to create a project that challenged the listener by blending degraded audio samples, raw and distorted drums, catchy vocal melodies and crying, sad guitars. 

In 2010, A Band of Ghosts was conceived when Andrea Thorne added vocals to some old studio tracks that were stashed away on old dusty hard drives at Old Town Recording Studio. Andrea's powerful and soulful vocal style meshed perfectly over the atmospheric electronic tracks and created an ethereal and experimental sound that is now known as A Band of Ghosts. A Band of Ghosts has a sound that is recognizable and unique, but can also be compared to artists such as: Portishead, Fiona Apple, Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation and Pink Floyd. The sound of A Band of Ghosts can be described in many ways but the band often blends alternative guitar-based rock and experimental rock with electronic and ambient genres. 

Our live show consists of a dynamic group of musicians that deliver a commanding performance that will leave you craving more. Lead by the soulful vocals of Andrea Thorne and noisemaker Dave Surratt, A Band of Ghosts is: Kelly Sanders - Percussion, Brian Spainhour - Guitar, Jeff Ayers - Drums, James Griffey - Bass, Morgan McPherson - Keyboards/background vocals


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