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Introduce yourself to us and start posting! Let us know how much you love us (or hate us) and how you got here.

301/27/2012 by daveseviltwin

Site Suggestions

What annoys you about this site? What do you love about the site? Let's talk about it.


General Board

You can talk about anything here

101/26/2012 by mysticalize

A Band of Ghosts Community

A forum for fans of A Band of Ghosts to discuss music, news and upcoming events related to A Band of Ghosts


General Music Discussion

Want to discuss your favorite new CD (we know those silver discs don't really exist anymore) or are you excited about the next big band you just discovered? We love new music!

101/16/2012 by daveseviltwin

ABOG announcements

If we go on tour or release an album, you'll find it here

101/16/2012 by daveseviltwin

A Band of Ghosts Questions

If you have questions that you'd like to direct to A Band of Ghosts, ask here!


Gear Talk

Want to talk about that new amp you bought or that $10,000 snare that you are salivating over. This is your place!

101/16/2012 by daveseviltwin

Recording Geeks

Yeah, let's talk about microphone placement and your favorite preamp!

101/16/2012 by daveseviltwin


Yes, this is for a group of our friends that blow up Facebook with political discussion on a regular basis. Why not do it here? Bring it on with your Mitt and Paul and all that shit!


North Carolina Bands

What bands are drawing the most fans? Who's the next Clay Aiken or Chris Daughtry? Honestly, we don't care but we can discuss the hardest working bands in NC and the southeast...

101/16/2012 by daveseviltwin


Artists unite! Share that new painting or stickman you just sketched.



We love us some movies. What do you suggest? What was awesome and what sucks? Snakes on a Crane just come out? We all want to know what you're watching



If it's sports, it belongs here. Keep Tebow discussion to a minimum please

201/16/2012 by daveseviltwin

Live Shows and Venues

Have a horrible show? Did you play at the best venue in NC? Let's hear what happened. Did your FOH engineer stay at the bar during your performance. Let's share!

201/16/2012 by daveseviltwin

Random Thoughts

For those of you who send random texts at 4 a.m. This is your chance to get some of those random thoughts out of your head

201/16/2012 by daveseviltwin

Not For The Faint of Heart

You'll know when you need to post here and we'll know not to look. You know who you are and you know what to post...


Cool Viral Mess

Did someone just snort sawdust on YouTube! Share it now! Post the coolest new viral videos here!


Girlie Stuff

For the girls that don't want to read or post anything else in the forum. Curious where Andrea got that dress? Post here. Sugar and spice



What's cooking? If you like to cook or if you're just fascinated with food, this is for you. Discuss you new recipe or the best restaurant in NC.


Shameless Self-Promotion

If you're trying to go viral and you want to share your ukulele version of Stairway to Heaven, this place is for you.


Body Modification

New piercing or Tattoo? You can share here. Want to find a good someone to stick you? We have suggestions



A picture is worth how many words? This forum is for the photography fanatics.


Sell It

Someone may want to buy it


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